We Work Hard & Aim to Please

“Rulaco Remodeling embarked on a new endeavor with John Wilcox, the owner of Westlake Property Solutions, as their General Contractor in 2020. We had never been contracted to work with an investor and didn't know if we were a good match, since we had focused mainly on commercial and retail remodeling projects. We met at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic and thought it would be a good opportunity to keep our team together during the uncertain times to come."

“We have created a great working relationship over the course of our original project. John has allowed us tremendous amounts of freedom to come up with solutions to make [Westlake Property Solutions] homes the [homes] to buy. We couldn't be happier with the way he manages his business and communicates with Tom and me. John is great to our construction team and constantly takes the time to thank them for their hard work. We look forward to a long business relationship with Westlake Property Solutions and have come to realize that our businesses are a good fit for one another. Thank you John Wilcox. We look forward to the next one!”
Ron Williams/Tom Culp, Partners,
Rulaco Remodeling
“I have known John for about 10 years, and worked alongside him, in various capacities. Not only is he a friend, but he has faithfully helped lead financial classes, and coaching; assisting others towards financial health for about 10 years. He is always dependable, hardworking and cares for others. His commitment to integrity is a great example for people in business and just life in general.”
Kent Irwin
Stewardship Pastor
“I have known John for over 25 years, and have enjoyed his friendship and dependability in several settings. We were both involved with the same church as our children were growing up, and John was a stable and encouraging presence in that community over a 10 year period. More recently, John served as an adjunct professor in our department in [my university]. As his supervisor, I appreciated his dedication to creating an excellent learning experience for our students, and the considerable time that he invested in preparing for his classes with attention to details. He communicates information clearly with a calm demeanor. I have especially appreciated his honesty and concern for others when working through unexpected situations. It was a pleasure to work with John as a colleague.”
Dr. Robert Kasper
Mount Vernon Nazarene University