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Here’s another example of a home renovation gone haywire.   Or, perhaps this is a great way to put on your makeup while you … This was in a hotel room.   Have you ever been in a hotel room like this? Many thanks to

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Here’s another example of a home renovation that went haywire. Is this a garage, or a storage area? Many thanks to

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So what do you do when a “normal” check-out scenario clearly won’t work with your current tenant? i.e. He/she is months behind on rent, you are going through the eviction process or there is animosity so great that the best course of action is to get the tenant moved out ASAP no matter the current […]

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“I have known John for about 10 years, and worked alongside him, in various capacities. Not only is he a friend, but he has faithfully helped lead financial classes, and coaching; assisting others towards financial health for about 10 years. He is always dependable, hardworking and cares for others. His commitment to integrity is a great example for people in business and just life in general.”

- Kent Irwin

Stewardship Pastor

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